How a spontaneous first meeting in Brussels can lead to a promising collaboration

- Lisa

In April 2022, DHVVP and Kinepolis met during a Selligent Inspiring Day in Brussels. During the presentations of both companies, it became clear that they both had something in common: the great passion for Selligent Marketing Cloud. Both this shared passion and the vision on Marketing Automation has been the beginning of a promising collaboration.  


Kinepolis is a cinema chain with over 100 cinemas in Europe and North America. With being active in 9 countries and even being markt leader in Belgium, it can be said that Kinepolis is a real specialist in everything that has something to do with going to the cinema.   

Ambitious attitude

Kinepolis has been using Selligent for many years and have already made major steps with regards to Marketing Automation. However, Kinepolis’ ambitious attitude and the urge to keep improving and expanding their automations also has a small drawback: capacity. Sometimes, you simply want to do more, than you can actually do. This is where the knowledge and capacity of DHVVP comes into play. Due to years of experience with Selligent in various sectors, DHVVP is able to respond quickly with a specialized team.  

Migration to Selligent Marketing Cloud 

The dedicated partnership that DHVVP maintains with Selligent, provides proven expertise in all aspects of the Marketing Automation platform. As a result, in addition to development work, DHVVP also offers advice and support during the migration to Selligent Marketing Cloud.  

All in all, this is how a spontaneous meeting in Brussels can lead to a promising collaboration that will ensure that the ambitious attitude and ideas of Kinepolis will be put in practice! 


Lisa is de product specialist van ons e-mailmarketing platform. Heb je vragen of ben je nieuwsgierig geworden? Bel of mail Lisa gerust!